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Plywood vs Plastic A-board Frame signs, which are better?

Long ago, we would always make sidewalk signs out of MDO plywood, we would cut to size from 4-foot by 8-foot sheets and seal the edges then prime and paint using long -industrial enamel paints. While these sidewalk signs do look nice for indoor our outdoor signs, under certain conditions they are not the longest lasting product. If these a-boards are left out in the snow and rain, the edges, even tho they are sealed and painted properly can delaminate and become weather-beaten within the first year or less.

Plastic A-Board Sidewalk Sign

In the late ’90s a creative mind created an a-board frame made from the same plastic as your typical milk carton. Of course, these have much thicker material and are available in several colors, but most commonly, in white. While some might think that plastic is an inferior product, you might be surprised how durable these frames are compared to the wooden counterpart. As a matter of fact, I have seen these frames run over by a car and they came out amazingly well. While we would not recommend attempting that with your sign, this is an example of durability.

We sell both wooden sidewalk a-board signs and also the plastic SigniCaide brand of a-board frames. We really feel that it depends upon your use of which type of frame would work best for your business or tradeshow event. Some people prefer the clean lines of the wooden sidewalk signs, compared to the plastic a-board frames. Depending upon your budget and your visual preference, we will let you determine the winner between a-board sidewalk sign styles.

Wooden A-board Sidewalk Sign

If you would like a custom made wooden sidewalk sign, just give us a call at 509-795-1415 for a personalized quote.

Click here to shop online for plastic a-board frames. You can purchase the proper size signs separately from the frames when you purchase online. You can also give us a call if you need a customized product.

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